About Us

LDN Professional is an internationally renowned brand specialising in the haircare sector. Established in the United Kingdom, LDN Professional have revolutionised the hair care and hair loss industry by developing products for all hair types. The innovative products are designed for use by both men & women, and can be used regularly to cover thin hair or hair loss, or to provide temporary hair colour solutions.

Working with international celebrity hairstylists validates the value our products bring to people in all walks of life. 

LDN Professional Hair Fibres are the most natural on the market, remaining undetectable when worn. They have a cotton composition, providing a thicker fibre than competing products available and work with all hair types. As hair has a naturally +positive charge, the LDN Professional Hair Fibres have a -Negative charge allowing them to naturally statically charge to human hair providing a resistant hair fibre which remains undetectable.

LDN Professional Root Cover Up provides instant hair colour to conceal grown out roots or grey hairs. Made of a mineral composition, the compact comes along with a mirror and applicator brush making it versatile and easy to use on the move.